Variable Product Split Transfers

Spit payments to Stripe connected accounts by applying percentages or fixed amounts to variable products.
Variable Product split transfers are a PRO feature. Please see our pricing for details.
PRO users have the option to set variable product split percentages or fixed amounts. Setting a transfer value at the variable product level overrides the global default for that specific product.

How to Set the Variable Product Percentage or Fixed Amount Value

To set a variable product split transfer, first edit the product:
Clicking Edit on a Specific WooCommerce Product
Next, scroll down and click Variations:
Variations in the WooCommerce Product Settings
Please note that you must have already configured Attributes and created your Variations based on those attributes. Read the WooCommerce documentation on Variable Products for more information.
Select whether you'd like to transfer a percentage or fixed amount of each variable product sale, and then input the corresponding value of the transfer:
Setting a Variable Product Split Transfer Value
Then, click Update to save the product details.
If the variable product split transfer value exceeds the price set for the product, the total price of the product will be transferred.