Quick Start

Everything you need to know for getting started with the Split Pay for Stripe Connect on WooCommerce plugin.


Ensure the following 3 free plugins are installed and activated on your WordPress site:

Setting Up Split Payments

Make sure you have fully configured the Stripe connection in the WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugin, including all Webhook Events and the Webhook Signing Secret in both TEST and LIVE modes. Otherwise, split payment transfers will not work.
DO NOT configure more than the 16 required Webhook Events, otherwise, you will be creating unnecessary server load, which could negatively impact payment processing.
Navigate to Settings by hovering over WooCommerce to expand the submenu, then click Split Pay Plugin:
Menu Item for WooCommerce > Stripe Connect Split Pay
Next, search for or enter the desired Stripe Connect Account ID. The search results come from the Stripe Platform account connected to the WooCommerce Stripe Payment plugin.
Setting Stripe Connect Name or Account ID
Stripe accounts connected to your Stripe Platform are synced to the WordPress database for faster search results. If you've connected new Stripe accounts to your platform since the last time the plugin was used, you can click Synchronize Stripe Accounts to update the database. You can optionally Clear Synced Stripe Data.
Syncing Database List of Stripe Connected Accounts
Once you've synced Stripe accounts, you'll need to set your split transfer values. Continue reading our documentation on How to Split Payments.