Global Transfers

Split payments to Stripe Connected accounts using a percentage or a fixed amount for all products on your store.
The Split Pay Plugin supports transferring a global percentage or global fixed amount of each sale.
Default Global Percentage-based split transfers are included in the free version of the plugin found on
Default Global Fixed Amount split transfers are a PRO feature. Please see our pricing for details.
To change the percentage or fixed amount of each sale transferred to the Stripe Connected Account, follow this procedure:
Hover over WooCommerce to expand the submenu, then click Split Payments:
Stripe Connect Split Pay Menu Option
Locate the “Default Global Transfer” text box.
Select if you'd like to transfer a percentage or a fixed amount:
Selecting Percentage vs Fixed Amount Global Transfers
Fixed Amount transfers are a PRO feature. Please see our pricing for details.
Then, enter the amount of the transfer.
Click Save changes.
The new Default Global Transfer value will take effect with the next sale.
When setting Fixed Amount transfers at the Global level, if the Fixed Amount value exceeds the Subtotal of the order, the entire Subtotal amount will be transferred.
If you want to split transfers to multiple connected accounts, you can simply add a new item in the list.
Split Transfers to Multiple Connected Accounts