Connecting Vendor Stripe Accounts

There are two ways to connect Stripe accounts to your Platform. There is the default Stripe Connect onboarding mechanism, and there is a custom mechanism we have added to the Split Pay Plugin.
Two Approaches to Onboarding Vendors via Stripe Connect

Onboarding Vendors with the Split Pay Plugin

Please note that onboarding Vendors using the Split Pay Plugin is a PRO feature. Check our website pricing for details.
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    Once you have the PRO version of the plugin installed, you'll see a checkbox at the bottom of the Split Pay Plugin main settings area:
Enable Vendor Onboarding Checkbox in the Split Pay Plugin Settings
Enabling this checkbox creates a new User role called Vendor.
If you have the Anyone can register option enabled in the Settings > General area of your WordPress Dashboard, a checkbox has been added on the Registration page that says Register as a Vendor:
Register as a Vendor Option on the Default WordPress Registration Page
This page can be located at the following URL:
If you don't have the Anyone can register option enabled in the Settings > General area of your WordPress Dashboard, you can register Vendors manually under Users > Add New and select the Vendor role.
Adding Vendor Role in Users Section
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    Once you've enabled Vendor Onboarding, you have the option to provide instructions to your Vendors in the form of a Title and Description:
Enter Instructional Title and Description for Vendors in Split Pay Plugin Settings
We recommend using something simple for this, such as:
Stripe Connect Settings
Please connect your Stripe account. You can contact us at ([email protected]) for further questions.
This Title and Description appears when the Vendor logs in, along with a Stripe Connect button:
Stripe Connect Settings in WordPress Dashboard Vendor View
Vendors have a smiple onboarding flow to follow from Stripe after this point, and, once complete, they will appear under the Connect > Connected Accounts section in the Stripe Dashboard. Be sure to check TEST or LIVE mode accordingly, based on the mode you have set for the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin.

Default Stripe Onboarding

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    Login to Stripe and click Connect at the top menu.
  2. 2.
    Click + Create on the right side.
Stripe Dashboard "Connect" Admin Area
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    Select Standard account type and the country where your vendor is registered/located.
Creating a Stripe Connected Account
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    Click Continue and copy the provided link to send to your Vendor.
One-time Use Onboarding Link for Connect Accounts
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    The Vendor must fully complete registration of their Stripe account in order to receive split payments. Once that is complete, you will see the green Completed icon next to their Connected account details.
Stripe Connected Account Fully Registered