Product-Specific Split Transfers

Spit payments to Stripe connected accounts by applying percentages or fixed amounts to individual products.
Product-Specific split transfers are a PRO feature. Please see our pricing for details.
Default Global Split Transfer values are overridden by Product-Specific or Variable Product Spilt Transfer values in the cases where Product-Specific or Variable Product Split Transfer values are set.

How to Set the Product-Specific Percentage or Fixed Amount Value

To set a product-specific split transfer, first edit the product:
Clicking Edit on a Specific WooCommerce Product
Next, scroll down to the Product Data section and click Stripe Connect Split Pay:
Stripe Connect Split Pay Product Specific Settings
Select whether you'd like to transfer a percentage or fixed amount of each product sale, and then input the corresponding value of the transfer:
Product-Specific Split Transfer Settings
Finally, scroll to the top of the page and click Update:
Clicking Update
Now, all purchases of this product will use the product-specific split transfer value when calculating transfer amounts.
There is no need to set a product-specific split transfer value for every product, as long as you have the Default Global Transfer set. Sales of products without product-specific split transfer values set will be split according to the Default Global Transfer value.
If the product-specific split transfer value exceeds the price set for the product, the total price of the product will be transferred.