Product-Specific Split Percentage

Premium users have the option to set product-specific split percentages. Setting a percentage at the product level overrides the global default for that product.
For example, let’s say you’ve set your default percentage to 10% and a customer places an order for these two products:
Product Name
Product Price
Product-Specific Split Percentage
Live-Online Viper Training
FTL Jump Destinations
Here’s how the split would be calculated:
Product Price
Split Percentage
Product Split
15% (product-specific)
10% (global default)
Total Amount to be Transferred:

How to Set the Product-Specific Percentage

To set a product-specific split percentage, first open the product in edit mode:
Clicking Edit on a Specific WooCommerce Product
Next, scroll down to the Product Data section and click Stripe Connect Split Pay:
Stripe Connect Split Pay Product Specific Settings
Enter the product-specific split percentage:
Product Specific Split Percentage
Finally, scroll to the top of the page and click Update:
Clicking Update
Now, all purchases of this product will use the product-specific split percentage when calculating transfer amounts.
There is no need to set a product-specific split percentage for every product, as long as you have the Default Percentage set. Sales of products without product-specific split percentages will be split according to the Default Percentage.