Total vs Sub-total

This page explains how the plugin uses the Total vs the Sub-total for calculating transfer amounts.

This feature is not yet available. Coming soon!

On the plugin settings page, you'll find a checkbox that says:

Calculate Transfers Based on Cart Total - Use Cart Total for calculating transfer amounts instead of Sub-total, which is the plugin default.


There may be a few use-cases in which this feature would be beneficial:

When all transactions follow the same Global payout rules.

When Store Owners want to transfer amounts based on the Total, including taxes, coupons, or other line items added to the Sub-total.

There are a few important things to know about this feature:

  • This feature won't be used when any products in the Transaction have Product-level Transfer settings configured. The entire Transaction will default to using the Sub-total when calculating Transfer amounts.

  • Any line-items included after the Sub-total are included in the Total calculation, such as Coupons, Taxes, Shipping and anything added by 3rd party plugins.

  • Global shipping transfer amounts can still be used in combination with this feature.

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